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ÖKOBAUDAT – Basis for the building life cycle assessment

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ÖKOBAUDAT is a platform with data, information and links related to the life cycle assessment of construction works. At the platform's core is the online database with life cycle assessment datasets on building materials, construction, transport, energy and disposal processes. The datasets are subject to strict quality requirements and therefore provide planners, architects, and constructors with a reliable basis for scientifically sound calculations of the influences of construction works on the environment.

ÖKOBAUDAT is a key element for assessing the sustainability of construction works and provides an incentive to continually improve the environmental quality of construction materials and buildings. With this publication the reader gets the relevant information to be introduced to ÖKOBAUDAT. Also, he gets relevant information in which way he can use data and information of ÖKOBAUDAT, how data can be transferred to ÖKOBAUDAT and how data can be used in subsequent tools, like eLCA as provided by within the federal assessments system for sustainable building. The formal, content-related, and technical requirements for acceptance and transfer of data to ÖKOBAUDAT are described in short and comprehensible form and are meant for first and general information.


free of charge available from: (reference:ÖKOBAUDAT (English))